Incident Commander

Incident Commander Download (50MB)

“Incident Commander”, released by BreakAway and the Department of Justice in 2007, is a ground-breaking training tool that employs PC game technology to allow first responders to train anytime, anywhere to coordinate a multi-agency response to a natural or manmade disaster.

ASTRO – Active Shooter Training for the Responding Officer

ASTRO – Download (290 MB)

“ASTRO” is a Windows-based simulation tool that allows a law enforcement officer to be immersed in active shooter scenarios. The law enforcement officer must make decisions and act on those decisions to bring an end to the threat.

School Bus Security

School Bus SecuritySchool Bus Security.iso – Download (740 MB)

“School Bus Security – A 21st Century Approach” – watch this video, produced by the Georgia Emergency Management Association, on the basics of school bus security. This DVD can be used by law enforcement in cooperation with school management as safety training. The download is a DVD that has been compacted in ISO format. You will need software that will burn an ISO image onto DVDs. There are several free ISO burner software titles available on the Internet – Example: Active@ ISO Burner.

Espanol for Law Enforcement

This resource is now available as an online resource at

Spanish for LE

“Espanol for Law Enforcement” is an interactive training tool to assist law enforcement to communicate in Spanish.

Less Lethal Considerations

Less Lethal Considerations – Download (450 MB)

This CD-ROM contains four video presentations from CRT Less Lethal on the topics of:

  • Chemical agent/electro-muscular discharge (ECD) flammability.
  • Excited delirium.
  • Forensic analysis of ECD deployments.
  • Impact munitions.

Triple Play – School Safety Combo

Triple Play - School Safety Combo

A Critical Incident: What to Do in the First 20 Minutes, School Crime Operations Package (School COP) Version 1.1, May 2001 and School Safety Plan Generator

This CD-ROM contains:

  • A Critical Incident: What to Do in the First 20 Minutes: A 25-minute video produced by the North Carolina Office of the Attorney General and the U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s Center for the Prevention of School Violence. – Download (100MB)
  • School Crime Operations Package (School COP): A software application for entering, analyzing and mapping incidents that occur in and around schools.

Notice: This software is not compatible with Windows 64 bit operating systems.

    School – Download (7MB)

  • School Critical Incident Planning – Generator (SCIP-G): A tool that provides step-by-step guidance for creating a plan using the most widely accepted law enforcement practices and procedures as the foundation.
    School Plan – Download (40MB)

It Can Happen Here

It Can Happen Here – Download – (2.7 GB) At 600Kbps you can expect this download to take at least 1  hour and 30 minutes.

“It Can Happen Here” is a documentary video designed to inform and compel audiences of school safety stakeholders to prepare for man-made and natural emergencies.

“It Can Happen Here” also provides the viewers with the resources needed to develop a new school safety plan and to assess and improve upon an existing plan, primary through relationship building and technology.



Forensic And Crime-scene Tool Set – FACTS provides officers with access to comprehensive crime scene processing policies, procedures, and recommendations.

The procedures and steps identified in FACTS have been reviewed and vetted through the National Forensic Sciences Technology Center. They are not intended to be all inclusive but to serve as a foundation for each agency to build a quick reference guide for officers. The Authoring System allows each agency to modify policies, procedures and steps to meet the agency’s individual needs.

FACTS – Download (80MB)

FACTS Admin – Download (60MB)

FACTS Installation Instructions-XP.pdf – Download (1MB)

To request CDs/DVDs by regular mail, click here.

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